The Role of Culture in Black Resistance and Revolution

The third webinar in the Black Alliance for Peace’s Black Power Webinar Series, “The Role of Culture in Resistance and Revolution,” was an intergenerational conversation about the role of cultural work in radical struggle. Through a combination of historical analysis, song, poetry, and other forms of artistic expression, the webinar attempted to illuminate the importance of cultural grounding to the revolutionary struggle against white supremacy, imperialism, capitalism, neocolonialism, and patriarchy. It also tried to emphasize the role of cultural workers—historically and contemporarily—in not only resisting these structures of domination but in envisioning and shaping the world to come.

The webinar was hosted by BAP Coordinating Committee member Erica Caines and featured a range of artists, including Noname, Jaribu Hill, Rafiki Morris, Ciara Taylor, Too Black, and Solyana Bekele.

Winners of BAP’s art contest were also unveiled.