Taehyun is actually a comedic genius…

I was going in for an “oh he’s not just a genius but a comedic genius” but I guess things sound better in my head 😅 The way he delivers his jokes are also so blunt, straightforward and just effortlessly funny in general! In this video, you’d realize that he’s very quick witted and just overall cool and like he said “I apologize for being perfect”! 😆 Also, as I’ve re-watched this video, the correct subtitle for *2:01 is supposed to be “I’m a coward, not a loser” really really sorry about that~ 😭

Video structure:
0:00 quick intro
0:12 Taehyun’s creative mind
1:53 “I’m scared, not a wimp”
2:49 wise words from a genius
4:47 never mess with Kang Taehyun
7:03 Taehyun speaking facts
7:32 just Taehyun being hilarious~

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