Steve Bannon Faces Over 1,000 Pages of Evidence and Materials From Prosecution in Contempt Case : politics

The biggest reason Trump may escape charges is because so many of his thugs take the fall for him to protect him. I just read the NYT article on status of the Manhattan office investigation on Trump and the Trump organization.

After reading that NYT article, I am becoming more and more skeptical that Trump himself will face charges in the Manhattan case. The biggest reason is, Weiselberg, who knows all the secrets and all the crimes that Trump committed, still refuses to cooperate with investigators. Weiselberg is another guy taking the fall for Trump.

Time and time again, people that have the relevant information to prove Trump committed crimes, take the fall for him. Weiselberg is a fall guy. Then Steven Bannon, who knew the details of the January 6th planning, is taking the fall for Trump. And when Trump obstructed justice 10 times according to Mueller, it was McGhan that had that information but McGhan ignored a subphoena from Congress and fought that subpoena for the longest time, until Congress agreed to a “limited” closed door questioning of McGhan, and various questions could not be asked. In the Enron case, they were able to indict everyone, including the CEO, because they even got the wives of the execs to turn on their husbands. But in Trump’s case, his thugs keep taking the fall for him, to protect him.

Alvin Bragg will replace Vance Jr as the Manhattan AG in the new year. Alvin Bragg is an African American and campaigned to become AG on his aggressive record towards Trump, suing Trump many times when he worked for the AG. I don’t doubt that Alvin Bragg will indict Trump if he has the chance and the evidence is there. But I don’t know if the evidence will be there, because so many people take the fall for Trump, just to protect him. SMH.

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