Racist Libs Panic As African American Immigrant Attempts To Take Over Twitter | Ep. 930

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00:00 – Opening
01:39 – Racist Libs Panic As African American Immigrant Attempts To Takeover Twitter
14:13 – Libs of TikTok Suspended From Twitter
18:19 – NYC Shooter Suspect Brought Into Custody
23:18 – Fatal Police Shooting Happens In Grand Rapids
30:36 – Biden Administration Extends Travel Mask Mandate
32:32 – Clip Resurfaces Of Dr. Oz Supporting Jussie Smollett
34:40 – Kentucky Bans Abortion Completely
39:49 – NFT Of Jack Dorsey’s First Tweet Sells For $280
42:37 – The Comments Section
49:25 – The View Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the Left screeches in horror as Elon Musk launches his hostile takeover of Twitter, threatening to allow the open exchange of ideas. Also, the suspect in the New York subway mass shooting has an extensive criminal history, and yet was allowed to remain on the street until now. That’s what criminal justice reform gets you. Plus, Kentucky effectively outlaws abortion. NFTs are once again revealed to be a ridiculous scam. And the ladies of The View descend into hilarious incoherence while attempting to discuss gay marriage. 

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