If Roe goes, Black church leaders expect renewed energy for elections One leader is ‘expecting great mobilization of the African American community and in communities where people recognize the importance of giving a person a choice.’ : politics

People tend to just show up once every 4yrs (if it is interesting enough) and then sit back and wonder why things aren’t fixed. District Attorneys, Mayors, County commissioners, Judges, state legislatures, Governors, school boards, Sheriffs, etc, etc, etc are all elected positions.

Currently Republicans dominate local govt. Republicans control state houses, counties, and towns. Republicans also dominate the Judicial branch. The legislative branch is evenly split, and Democrats have the White House. Yet people ignorantly argue Democrats currently have all the power they need to pass Progressive policies.

People need to vote! I am not referencing once every 4yrs for singular office holders. There are literally elections that happen every single year!!! Most are easily bought with bribes and donations because nearly no one shows up and votes.

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