How Latinos can be better Allies to the Black Community – Virtual Charla

Black speakers of different age groups, genders, backgrounds, religions, sexual orientations, etc. will make 5-minute presentations sharing their experiences, guidance, and calls to action to the Latino community — and other communities – in being better allies.

This is a time to listen, learn, mobilize, and serve in support of the African American community going forward.

0:00 Introductory Comments – Antonio Tijerino & Dario Collado
4:11 Personal Experience – Myisha Gatson
11:31 Mutual Destiny – Hill Harper
18:39 Personal Experience – Maria Salmeron
23:23 Allies & In Between – Romell Cummings
30:02 Personal Experience – Elizabeth Boney
36:14 Personal Experience – Natural Taylor
42:24 Personal Experience – Esther Rege Berg
48:48 Personal Experience – Michael Echols
56:24 How to Show Support, Let Go of Past Ignorance, and Move Forward Educated – Nadine Dogbo
1:03:07 Reflections as a Movement Builder – Nii-Quartelai Quartey
1:13:24 Personal Experience – Miriam Trahoret
1:16:57 Personal Experiences as an Afro-Latino – Cid Wilson
1:26:00 We Are Stronger Together: How Black and Brown Women Can Build a Sisterhood – Siobhan Davenport
1:31:56 Personal Experience – “The Talk” – Javier Martinez
1:39:26 Personal Experience – Queenstar Akrong
1:44:46 Getting from “Us” and “Them” to We – Marco Davis
1:56:20 Personal Experience – Bayonia Marshall
2:00:44 Personal Experience – Dario Collado


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