France and Africa: a new era, really? (02/07/2013 POLITICS)

France and Africa: a new era, really?
François Hollande was said to be a president who did not know or care much about Africa. But eight months after his election, he has sent French troops to the Central African Republic, Somalia and Mali – admittedly, for different reasons. So is he, like his predecessors, a victim of the “Françafrique” virus, the name used to define the shady and troubled relationship between France and its former colonies in Africa? Or is he acting differently and ushering in a new era in those fraught ties?

On the set:

Yves Gounin, Former legal advisor to Senegal’s ex-President Abdoulaye Wade;
Marie-Roger Biloa, Chief Executive Director, The Africa International Media Group;
Douglas Yates, Professor of Political Science, American University of Paris.

Produced by Marc Perelman and Léa Berdugo

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