Trump Really Hates That a Black Woman Is Prosecuting Him : politics

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Mississippi water crisis is ‘racism to the umpteenth degree,’ residents say : politics

That’s unfortunately not a meaningful answer to the residents of Jackson mississippi. The problem is essentially White flight. Jackson Mississippi


Lawsuit Filed by Activists Allege BLM Leader Shalomyah Bowers ‘Siphoned’ $10M in Funds

According to a new lawsuit filed by Black Lives Matter activists on Thursday, the nonprofit’s new head Shalomyah Bowers has


“A League Of Their Own” Joins Biden In Fight For America’s Soul

Last Thursday President Joe Biden graced Independence Hall in Philadelphia, the sacred ground upon which the nation’s founders signed the


Alabama commission dissolves judicial seat won by Black woman : politics

If you overrule democracy (or try to) whenever you get results you don’t like, is it even a democracy anymore?


How to Deal with Christian Nationalists? Let them Secede and Tyrannize Over Themselves

Back in the 1960s, various racial minority groups, including African Americans, Chicanos, and Native Americans, featured constituencies that espoused a

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