All Of The Ways That The Gabby Petito/Brian Laundrie Police Stop Went Wrong

It was the perfect set up for an abuser to escalate. Moab police were under fire when they released the


Survey Reveals 21 Million Americans Say Trump Should Be Restored By Violence

A majority of Americans regarded Trump’s January 6 insurrection and attempted coup a flagrant attack on America’s fragile democracy. However,


More evidence that talking to Republicans is useless : politics

Republicans have proved at every turn that they are not merely incapable of governing but are determined to cause havoc


Black Americans resettling in Ghana

Black Americans resettling in Ghana – CBS News Watch CBSN Live After Black Lives Matter protests exploded around the world


North Carolina Court Permanently Blocks State’s Racist Voter ID Law

A three-judge North Carolina Superior Court panel has ruled 2-1 to permanently block the state’s voter ID law because it

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