Asian man tells Black college student to ‘go back to your country’

A virial video shows an Asian man reprimanding a Black college student in a college dorm. The video shows the man yelling in the face of the student, and he yells  “Okay, you don’t speak English, then you should go back to your country! I don’t know where you’re from!”

According to the clip was posted on TikTok by user @graccxx who phrased the video with a caption that said, “My roommate’s dad harassing my boyfriend for not wearing a mask in my room. Share this sh*t.”

The video shows the Asian man seen towering over the young student chastising him for not having a mask on his face.

“Close your mouth, wear the mask” he is seen saying to the student while the man is trying to speak to him. As the student tries to respond, the Asian man asks, “Do you read English? Do you read English?” As the student attempts to speak and then blurting out, “Nah, I don’t read English,” the Asian man says to him, “Okay then, you don’t read English. Then you should go back to your country! I don’t know where you’re from!”

The student shocked at what the man is saying, the student asks him “Is this a joke?” After taking the verbal abuse, the student stands up and asks his girlfriend’s roommate if she is going to allow her father to speak to him like that. While the student tries to deflect from the situation, the Asian man is seen trying to keep tensions high.

Grace, who filmed the scene stated that she recorded the video so she can have proof of the man’s action to show campus security. She also said in the comment section of the post that the roommate’s mother also tried to stop her from recording the incident.

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